A full day guide trip is just that, a full day.  Our guides are always stocked with the best flies and leaders, but clients are welcome to bring their own equipment as well.  The guides will bring have rods along in case the client’s rod is not set up for the current fishing conditions.  A hearty lunch with bottled water is included with the trip ( sodas if requested).  A variety of boats are used by the guides from Drift boat style to classic Ozark River Jon Boats.  We have experience fishing people with physical difficulties and encourage prospective clients to speak to us about the possibilities.  Walk-in and half day trips are also an option for clients.

For more information about our Fly Fishing Guide Service, click any of the titles below on this page.


One person $300.00
Two person $400.00

Call Today for Half-Day Pricing!

Includes lunch and all fly fishing instruction.

To ensure quality fishing for future anglers and to promote the sport aspect of our trips, we practice CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY.

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Before heading out here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Fishing license (no trout stamp is required for fishing on the North Fork of the White, Taylormade River Treks practices catch and release only)
  • Polarized glasses are a necessity
  • Wet wading is comfortably done June-September
  • A Nine foot 5 weight rod is a great all-round rod for the river
  • Always bring your rain jacket and a hat
  • For all flies, leaders, and fishing equipment visit   K & K Flyfishers.  They know what is needed for a well-epuiped trip to the Ozarks.  Based in Overland Park, KS,  K & K stays up to date on current fishing conditions on the North Fork of the White as the Norfork and White River in Arkansas.
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While the North Fork of the White has the look and feel of a freestone stream in Montana or Colorado, it typically does not have the dry fly fishing associated with the West. The most effective technique by far is nymph fishing. Using long leaders, heavy flies, and getting a “dead drift” is critical when nymphing. Other techniques can and do work but if in doubt, put on a nymph.

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The Fish

The North Fork of the White is a very unique resource for the Midwest; all of the rainbow trout are wild. These awesome fish fight ten times harder than a stocked fish and clients are often surprised to see how even the smaller rainbows put up a great fight on a fly rod. Size of the fish caught range from just a few inches to fish near the 18-20 inch mark. No matter the size, these wild fish are beautiful and will give you your money’s worth.

The brown trout of the river, although not wild, are only stocked once or twice per year and therefore quickly become just as smart and strong as the rainbows. The average size of the browns is typically a little larger, with plenty of trophy sized fish to be caught. Every year a number of 20 plus inch fish are caught, with some of the biggest pushing the two foot mark. Success is of course always variable, but the quality of fish found in the North Fork of the White will rival most any trout stream in the Lower 48.

Along with the trout, it is always possible to catch the native smallmouth bass while on the river. At certain times of the year white bass, hybrids, and stripers can be caught on a fly as well. Catching these species is very much weather dependent so feel free to call for a more up to date report.

While staying at Taylormade River Treks, you are welcome to fish on your own with a spinning rod or fly rod. We have no rod fee for doing so. We will ask that out of respect for the fish and our dedication to conservation you not use bait or keep any fish caught while staying with us. If this would be a problem, it might be best to look elsewhere.

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Our Guides

Matthew TaylorWe have aligned ourselves with a number of independent guides from around the Ozark region.  All of them have years of experience and their goal is to provide a memorable day on the river.  They can also offer trips to other rivers, such as the Eleven Point in Southern Missouri and the White and Norfork Rivers in Northern Arkansas.  All of these are available while staying at our place on the North Fork of the White.

Shawn and Matthew Taylor are also available on a limited basis with advance notice.  Shawn has guided many of these rivers since we started this business back in 1988!  Matthew grew up on the North Fork and began guiding fly fishermen before high school and through college.   Call for availability or questions.

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Any additional fishing information can be obtained by calling 870-404-8119.

********As of March 1st, 2012 felt soled wading boots have been banned in Missouri********